ledsham registry table

part swag Ledsham

church door easter

valentines heart

ColinsBirthdayFlowersWedding heartLedsham 2013
metal urns rose &gypbuttonhole mustard pot baskets

hydrangea wreath mr fish front gardenTribute to Constance Spry - Margaret Fiddes
Ledsham registration table Table decs chevin lodgeLedsham registration tableeastertree

Loads of photos……..structural christmas arrangement (1) Pedestal arrangement - Margaret Fiddes Welcome to St James' Church, Fairburn IMG00269-20111111-1549 autumn wreath lyndsey&rich1 Traveler Digital Camera IMG_1073 IMG_1242 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Autumn buttonhole winter white-1 IMG_0150 IMG_1244 IMG_1246 IMG_1250 IMG_1243 IMG00186-20110904-1849 vintage rose corsage IMG00117-20110715-1106 HalloweenPumpkinTable Martiniglass & cakes buffet table mantlepiece close up Martini glass Silver urn Red Flower BoxIMG_1241


casket topper

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