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Pear Tree’s in!

I’ve had a pear tree sitting outside for almost a month….honestly, as it says on my fridge magnet, born to garden forced to work…..

Anyway I found a few minutes and at last it’s in the ground.   The leaves are unfurling and I suspect I can see the beginnings of a bit of blossom.  Maybe a bit late because it’s been held back but I have great hopes for it.  Poor little stick of a thing – you can just see it against the backdrop of nettles.

It’s a conference pear (my favourite).  As we know my garden is a complete wreck so I had to clear a space for it next to the rhubarb which I put in a couple of months ago.  Fortunately that’s growing too.   Now I need a Bramley to make lots of apple pies with.

Can you believe it though – some rotten soandso nicked my wheelbarrow.   I need a new one desperately for work and home so I’m going to have to get one this afternoon.  I’d had my old one so long it was wonky and had a handle missing so goodness knows why they wanted it, but you have to tie things down these days – even though I am right off the beaten track.

Well off to the garden centre – I’ve got plants to buy for an alpine bed I’m doing tomorrow for a client and of course I need a new wheelbarrow.

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Wedding Flowers

Oh I had such a good time last week doing the flowers for a reception at The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton, see what you think.

This is my favourite in the silver vase, very glam, and then there was the martini glass which got lots of compliments…..and the tulips, a single colour, such a lovely shade of violet, right along the mantlepiece.

The volcano put paid to the gyp but in some ways I think that’s a good thing.   Who would have thought that a simple thing like gyp would have been flown all the way from South America – a 24 hour flight.  Surely that can’t be a great use of the world’s resources.  So I picked blossom from the trees.  Season and local – it looked lovely in the fireplace displays.

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Time to catch up

Where have I been? Well it’ll take too long to explain but here we are again and pledged to myself to keep it up this time and not get distracted.
I had a birthday earlier this month and my lovely friend bought me two English roses, one’s a short climber and the other a shrub rose. Both are beautiful and heavily scented and I just love smelly roses. They arrived last week and were bare rooted – a bit late for planting bare rooted things really but that meant I had no choice but to get them in, so yesterday in they went.

I soaked them first overnight in a bucketful of water, then dug a big hole, watered the bottom of the hole, added a bit of well rotted manure and mixed it into the soil, spread out the roots and filled it in so that the soil level was up to the union (roses are all grafted and you can see the union if you look at the spot where the roots begin) and firmed it in with the heel of my wellie. A bit more manure in a circle around the plant, not touching though just in case. I’m being careful with them.

Watered them in and crossed my fingers. They’re not very impressive just yet but, now it’ll be a daily walk to see how they’re doing – are they sprouting, are they looking good. I’ll report back later.

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