Soggy Sunday

No digging today!  It’s very wet out there.   But yesterday I did at last start on the bit of compacted mud that is to be the lawn.  I dug a border, or a circle.  I’d rescued a little acer ages ago and it’s been suffering in a pot and then in a temporary spot, looking very fed up – well about to die I suspect, now at last it has a home.
There are bricks all over my so called garden so I’m recycling, and they make a perfect edging, yet again.
Damp hens today.   Generally Daisy is determined to lay her eggs outside but because it’s raining on her favourite spot there’s no egg today – so where on earth is it?  Well I’m not going hunting now – it’s chucking it down, I’ll let you know if it turns up.

Now I suspect it’s going to be a Sunday of newspapers, telly and I probably have no way to avoid the ironing – oh joy….

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