All Decked Out

Yes – all these years after the demise of the instant garden makeover show we’ve installed decking.  And I love it and what a difference it makes. It gives a sort of verandah out from the French windows. Since the window went in you had to risk life and limb leaping out of them onto the ground about 2 ft below and then do the same thing in reverse if you wa

nted to get back in.

My son, fortunatley he’s a joiner, had been being pestered, and he gave in in the end. However we can’t finish it off till I get cracking on the next bit which will be a low seat/wall made of gabions (more of that later).

Meanwhile the new ex battery hens have arrived.   Its clear that exbatts may or may not live for very long, so of the 3 I adopted last May I only have one left.   Gertie died after a few months here but Daisy made it to nearly a year of freedom.  So that left us with Elsie – chief hen, not from a battery and so seems quite strong, and Ivy, commonly called Scabby Ivy, because of all of them she was the one with the least feathers.   However she stumps round the garden like a good ‘un and still lays….if somewhat erratically.

Anyhow 3 weeks ago Sylvia, Betty and Flo joined us.   They are getting the hang of things and 2 of them are laying already is  brillliant.  Try as I may I cannot make them pose this morning – so I’ll have a bash later.  Unfortunately hens don’t sit when you want them to.

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