So much to do….

Work kind of blends from home and my own garden to my customers’ gardens at the moment.  At this time of year there’s so much to do everywhere.  And the weather always surprises me, even when its wet it still seems warm,  and of course that makes things grow, and that means work. Thank goodness I’m at my happiest when I’m out in the garden.

I’m writing lists or else I’ll forget what to do next, still things to sow in the vegetable garden, lots to cut back as the early perennials are going over and as for the weeds, well they’re loving it, then the greenhouse needs water every day, not to mention that its wedding season.  I’m quite impressed with the veggie patch though.  My second growing season but twice the size.  There’s still lots of rubbish in the ground though so I’ve got lots of potatoes again to keep clearing the ground.

This weekend I sowed some more spring onions, mixed leaves and radishes.   Love the lettuces I’m getting at the moment, they’re delicious and  we could have more broad beans than is entirely necessary.  Son isn’t exactly wild about them worst luck.

Then there are the 19 half  barrels I have littering the place.   They are an order for July and I’ve potted them all up with summer plants so they can fill out and I”m thankful for the rain we’ve had overnight lately.  Its saving me about half an hour of watering every evening.  They’re looking good but there’s a lot of ’em.

The first cucumber is almost ready to cut.   I’ve scaled down the number of plants I’ve grown this year, I think I grew 3 plants last year and I ended up pickling cucumbers and giving them away left right and centre.   However, they had such a great flavour, so much better than shop bought ones.

It sounds as though its all about veggies, but not quite.   This morning I made a corsage for myself.  A rare treat – I usually hand them over for someone else.   I was at a meeting and decided to advertise what I do by wearing it.      I think I might have to do it more often……..

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