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Will they be OK without me?

Well I’m sure they will be fine fut my new charges are going to have to manage till tea time all on their own.   I’m off to Green Hammerton with a van full of plants for their food fair – meanwhile the chicks are going to have to sort themselves out.

Elsie, the old hand was first out of there this morning, still protesting at having to be cooped up with all these new girls.  She’s been clucking in disgust since last night!  They were a bit surprised that they were allowed out again, but the little ex-batts gingerly tripped down the ramp and into the sunshine for a second day.

We had a little tragedy yesterday as well.   One of the baby wrens had fallen out of the nest.   I tried to pop it back in but it was promptly chucked out again. I can’t believe they’re nesting in my shed – right by the door – so they’ve got me in and out all the time but they seem perfectly content.  Mummy shoots in and out through the hole in the side and the rest of the little ones, I think there are 4 left, are squeaking with their beaks open.

Ok well fingers crossed they’re still here when I get home….

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It’s cold outside

Well I’ve been caught by the frost.  My bizzie lizzies were left out by accident and they’ve shrivelled….and it’s a good thing I’ve sown some more cucm

bers and green beans as well.   This is take 2 on the cucumbers.  Serves me right of course for not keeping things under wraps.   Apparently it was the coldest May night for 15 years last night and I believe it.  Forever full of optimism though I keep checking the weather forecast and maybe, just maybe there is a little bit of an increase in the temperature by the end of the week.

Meanwhile Elsie’s friends are scheduled to arrive on the 22nd.  Oh we need fence.   I’ve got such a big area to fence though I’ve been looking everywhere for the best bargain.   I suspect it’ll be chain link and then at least Elsie and her little ex battery pals can enjoy the summer if we get some.

Plant shopping and digging today with an eye on late summer colour for a client planning a party in September.  We’ve had some great autumns in recent years so let’s hope that this year’s no exception – maybe it’ll make up for the spring.

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