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Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas has gone and so the tree has been dismantled and put outside, poor thing.

I bought a rooted one purposely because there’s nothing in the garden so it’s a perfect opportunity to plant a Christmas tree in the garden for years to come.  So now its gone from its former glory, although it was leaning slightly by the end of its stay indoors, and now is huddled against the side of the house.   Really it would have been better with a bit more protection but there’s no room in the shed and the greenhouse has’t been erected yet.

Well it’s so cold there’s no chance of me planting it yet, but I need to choose a spot where it won’t get too much shade from one side.  That way it won’t lean towards the sun.  Nor do I want it in a prevailing wind.  I want a straight gorgeous tree.

This  one looks very much like the traditional Norway Spruce (picea abies) but I’m sure it said it was Siberian on the label (before I threw it away!) so I’m not 100% how big it grows.  Apparently the Norway Spruce can get to between 130 and 215 feet, according the the National Christmas Tree Association but only up to 130 ft according to the RHS – humm.  There are several varieties of picea abies though and I’ve no idea which one I have.  Any ideas?

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