Cluck Cluck

Am very excited today.  I’ve just applied for some ex battery hens.  I shan’t get them till April because we have to get a new home ready for them, but I have to have approval first from the hen rehomers.   I think it’ll be a great addition to the garden and I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on in the real world having had such a miserable existence for their first year of life.   Everyone tells me they’re easy to look after and have quite funny little characters of their own – I just hope they get on with cats – but I gather they do.

Poor little things – but they don’t look like this for long, theyget back to normal and fully feathered pretty quickly.   Unbeleiveably I found a website where you can buy little knitted jackets for them.  Maybe I could crochet one?

I’ve also been planning what to order from the seed catalogues.  Seed potatoes of course and lots of veg seeds, and some flowers, but the other project and which I’ve ordered seed for, is the meadow cum wild flower patch.  Currently not the pretty sight I hope it will be.  There are lots of meadow mixes available and I’m going for a very average one to start with to see what happens.

February is going to be busy I think……

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