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Cluck Cluck

Am very excited today.  I’ve just applied for some ex battery hens.  I shan’t get them till April because we have to get a new home ready for them, but I have to have approval first from the hen rehomers.   I think it’ll be a great addition to the garden and I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on in the real world having had such a miserable existence for their first year of life.   Everyone tells me they’re easy to look after and have quite funny little characters of their own – I just hope they get on with cats – but I gather they do.

Poor little things – but they don’t look like this for long, theyget back to normal and fully feathered pretty quickly.   Unbeleiveably I found a website where you can buy little knitted jackets for them.  Maybe I could crochet one?

I’ve also been planning what to order from the seed catalogues.  Seed potatoes of course and lots of veg seeds, and some flowers, but the other project and which I’ve ordered seed for, is the meadow cum wild flower patch.  Currently not the pretty sight I hope it will be.  There are lots of meadow mixes available and I’m going for a very average one to start with to see what happens.

February is going to be busy I think……

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I’m the Indoor Gardener!

Well now it’s raining so I’m still indoors.  But I’ve found things to do and it looks like I might at least get a bit of garden clearing done tomorrow if as promised the sun comes out.

I love lillies and last week the catalogue arrived.   Having drooled for quite a while deciding which to have I’m getting some for myself but also planning to pot some up for a friend who will love them for her birthday in April.  They’ll be just on their way up and I’m sure she’ll enjoy the anticipation of waiting for them to flower as much as I do.  I’m getting her my favourite lillium regale.  They are just gorgeous, the scent just sums up summer for me and if you plant them in a pot and move them close to your seating area you can enjoy them  whilst they’re at their best and then as they fade move them away until next year.

The other catalogues I’m pouring over at the moment are the seed catalogues.  Whatever else I do I will have a veg plot this spring and so what to plant, and when to get it going is the next thing on my mind.   Someone sent me a link to GrowVeg.com which helps you to plan your veg beds and allows you to draw it up on line.  It’s dead easy and you get 30 days free trial (which should really get you well on the way to sorting out this year’s planting) and it’s not one of those sites where you have to put in your bank details for your freebie.

As for the catalogues – send for them now, they don’t cost a penny and they’re full of inspiration.

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Now its the ice

So here I am still trapped indoors – today because of the ice and maybe later more snow.  So I’m pleased I’d brought a little bit of springtime inside – this snowy looking thing is a pot of 3 hyacinth bulbs, which I brought in last week.   If you had potted up hyacinths and got them ready for flowering in December you might have ‘held’ them outside in the cold until you wanted to bring them in to flower  – and fill the house with that lovely spring time smell.   One week on and they look altogether much more like it.

They’re replacing the ones I brought in at Christmas which have faded now.  As and when I ever get a fork into the ground again they’ll go in the garden and flower again next year – but at their natural flowering time later in the spring.

I’m delighted to say I’ve got another pot outside so I can have more in a week or two.

I’d love to get cracking in the garden but things don’t look like changing outside any time soon.  The Bloms bulbs catalogue arrived yesterday and got me quite excited at the prospect of actually gardening.  But I am thinking about what little veggie seeds I can start off indoors in the next few weeks.  Of course a greenhouse that’s in one piece rather than stacked up against the house wall would be good – but soon it’ll be up I hope.  In the meantime I’m saving all the loo roll cardboard tubes and kitchen roll tubes to sow beans and trying to fathom where would be the best place to put the veg bed.   Not having seen the sun for some time makes it a bit tricky though!

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