Pear Tree’s in!

I’ve had a pear tree sitting outside for almost a month….honestly, as it says on my fridge magnet, born to garden forced to work…..

Anyway I found a few minutes and at last it’s in the ground.   The leaves are unfurling and I suspect I can see the beginnings of a bit of blossom.  Maybe a bit late because it’s been held back but I have great hopes for it.  Poor little stick of a thing – you can just see it against the backdrop of nettles.

It’s a conference pear (my favourite).  As we know my garden is a complete wreck so I had to clear a space for it next to the rhubarb which I put in a couple of months ago.  Fortunately that’s growing too.   Now I need a Bramley to make lots of apple pies with.

Can you believe it though – some rotten soandso nicked my wheelbarrow.   I need a new one desperately for work and home so I’m going to have to get one this afternoon.  I’d had my old one so long it was wonky and had a handle missing so goodness knows why they wanted it, but you have to tie things down these days – even though I am right off the beaten track.

Well off to the garden centre – I’ve got plants to buy for an alpine bed I’m doing tomorrow for a client and of course I need a new wheelbarrow.

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