It has been a very bird orientated day!

This morning when I opened the shed a wren flew out…. humm, cute, but unusual.
Then my son arrived to finish off the chicken house – I am so excited about getting chickens and he had nearly finished yesterday but today it’s done and so I’ve given it one coat of a nice paint.
Then I came back into the house and heard fluttering – I don’t like trapped birds and I just knew that there must be one in the house. Sure enough there it was – a baby starling brought in by a cat I suppose, unhurt thank goodness, but I had to get it out somehow, so I summoned up my courage and wafted it out of the French windows. Thank goodness it went out quite easily, I remember having to summon help from the milkman years ago when a blackbird got trapped in the kitchen and went into panic mode.
Fine – but back in the shed I could have sworn I saw the wren again – and on closer inspection what is in the shed? A nest! So now what? Do I tiptoe around until the babies are hatched or can I go into the shed again? Well apparently, my neighbour who knows everything about birds says it’ll either get used to me or clear off, so to carry on as normal. Not sure about that but I need to get in and out so Mr & Mrs Wren we’re going to have to try to make friends.
So off I went out for a couple of hours and came home to paint the hen house. Half way through that same neighbour asked me if I’d like a hen. Well of course I’d love a hen! His hens had been fighting and Elsie (for that is her name) was coming off worst, because his other hen had baby chicks and was defending her corner.
So here’s the house – you can’t see Elsie yet because she needs to come to terms with her new home, but she is in there. I am told that with luck at the weekend she can come out for a look at her new garden, but for now she’s in the shed, with her corn and her water and that’s her lot. How fab!

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