I’m getting there

Even though it’s taken a while I feel I have achieved something lately.  I’ve got a veg patch, a herbaceous border (well loosely) , I’ve put in a shade bed – and the hens have taken it out again – and I’ve got things growing in the greenhouse.   Not bad if I say so myself.

It all looks a bit rustic but then you know what it looked like to begin with so anything is an improvement – and believe me this is a big improvement.   The carpet in the distance is sitting over my next targetted area for clearing.   All the way underneath is it just thick with nettles and bindweed and wherever I am clearing anything away its rapidly being taken over by goosegrass.

The hens are a help and a hindrance.   When I’m digging so are they – which truly is a help, but when I am not digging they are still digging.  Which is a pain.  Daisy is an avid digger and appears by my side whenever I get the garden fork out, but Elsie likes to operate on her own exactly where I don’t want her to.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve planted the irises.

This week it’s done nothing but rain and so everything seems to have come to a grinding halt.   It’s so muddy and although I did earth up the ptoatoes I am not sure I should have in this lot.   And of course workwise it’s not good either because that comes to a halt as well.   Better weather is on the way they say…..

Back to hanging baskets tomorrow.   I thought it was all over but no – 4 more to do so up early to get some plants, a spot of work and then back to plant up.  It’s a bit late in the day but we’ll give it a go.

Meanwhile if anyone has any bright ideas for deterring hens from bits of the garden other than having 6ft fences everywhere I’d be grateful.

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