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Lovely suddenly

After such a horrible winter how lovely is it to feel the sunshine?
Mother’s Day has just passed and the flowers seemed to come out just in time.
I used jelly beans in this arrangement and it tempted the bar staff where it was to try picking them out….hopefully it’s still in one piece and they’ve not managed to eat the lot.
Meanwhile in the garden I’ve at last seeded the lawn. Must keep watering it!
And in the greenhouse and garden there’s lots of activity. The broadbeans are on the up as are the lettuces and pak choi.. the sweet peas are coming through and the cerinthe is almost ready to go out (bit soon maybe), I can hardly keep up.

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Ive finished digging the lawn!

At last I’ve dug over the patch that will be a lawn – honest!  Here we were half way through, but it took 3 solid digging sessions to finish it.  Now all I have to do is rake and rake and rake until I get all the stones out, and believe me there are lots.

The weather sounds as though it may be colder next week which is a shame though because I’d really like to seed it and I need a bit of warmth to germinate the seed….let’s see though.

Pictures have arrived of the wedding party flowers I did 3 or 4 weeks ago.   It was in a giant tipi, well 2 tipis joined together which was big enough to seat 110 people.  It had a really nice feel about it, informal but special.   And each of the tables had a ring of beautiful flowers with a hedgerow feel to them, so I added crab apples, rose hips and berries in   rich red and autumn colours with a great big candle in the centre of each with 3 wicks so they added a lovely light as darkness fell.

There was room for a great swag to hang from the central beam made up of red and cream roses, astilbe, ivy and more berries and greenery, but that was a real nightmare to photograph.  I guess it was a couple of metres long so it kind of loses it as a picture.


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I’ve just put this together from left overs and I’m quite pleased with it – I had some orange roses and a bit of amaranthus and so hey presto an orange rosebowl it is….. meanwhile in the oven we have oranges drying so I can start on the Christmas wreaths and things.  The great Christmas craft fair season is getting underway.

Tomorrow I’m popping into one in Ossett where you can see and order our signs at Mrs Madden’s house, her speciality is pinnies, customised and vintage ones (see http://www.mrsmaddenmakes.co.uk).

Next week we go to Harewood House for Autumn Glory on Tuesday 26th.  Looking forward to it, there’s children’s storytelling, broomstick making and leaf printing and a farmers market and craft market, and more (just can’t remember what else at the mo….) so I need to get busy!

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Floral overload

I love flowers….but I was feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed by them today…there was nowhere else for them to go! Thank goodness it was a nice day.  I think I need another shed.   25 table arrangements done and delivered though.

Onwards and upwards – tomorrow we’re onto wedding flowers.

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Wedding Flowers

Oh I had such a good time last week doing the flowers for a reception at The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton, see what you think.

This is my favourite in the silver vase, very glam, and then there was the martini glass which got lots of compliments…..and the tulips, a single colour, such a lovely shade of violet, right along the mantlepiece.

The volcano put paid to the gyp but in some ways I think that’s a good thing.   Who would have thought that a simple thing like gyp would have been flown all the way from South America – a 24 hour flight.  Surely that can’t be a great use of the world’s resources.  So I picked blossom from the trees.  Season and local – it looked lovely in the fireplace displays.

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