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Ive finished digging the lawn!

At last I’ve dug over the patch that will be a lawn – honest!  Here we were half way through, but it took 3 solid digging sessions to finish it.  Now all I have to do is rake and rake and rake until I get all the stones out, and believe me there are lots.

The weather sounds as though it may be colder next week which is a shame though because I’d really like to seed it and I need a bit of warmth to germinate the seed….let’s see though.

Pictures have arrived of the wedding party flowers I did 3 or 4 weeks ago.   It was in a giant tipi, well 2 tipis joined together which was big enough to seat 110 people.  It had a really nice feel about it, informal but special.   And each of the tables had a ring of beautiful flowers with a hedgerow feel to them, so I added crab apples, rose hips and berries in   rich red and autumn colours with a great big candle in the centre of each with 3 wicks so they added a lovely light as darkness fell.

There was room for a great swag to hang from the central beam made up of red and cream roses, astilbe, ivy and more berries and greenery, but that was a real nightmare to photograph.  I guess it was a couple of metres long so it kind of loses it as a picture.


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Fabulous weather at last

English summers are the best when they are like this.   And it seems to be staying like this for a few days yet so let’s enjoy it.

Last weekend I organised the flowers for another wedding – and it was fab thank goodness.   Lots of lovely comments and lots of lovely English country flowers.   Great time for year for the best choice of pretty things.  And the smell of sweet peas filled the place.   The cakes looked good as well!

I really enjoy putting flowers into the Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton, its a lovely old building with a warm feel and the flowers bring it to life.

Meanwhile back in the garden I’m on pins.   Lots of things are about to open up – the lillies which I love and my present to myself from last year’s Chelsea flower show.   A packet of black double peony poppy seeds.  Now some of them are about 3 feet tall and the flower heads are about to pop.  I could almost sit there and wait but I must do some work worst luck.

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Wedding Flowers

Oh I had such a good time last week doing the flowers for a reception at The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton, see what you think.

This is my favourite in the silver vase, very glam, and then there was the martini glass which got lots of compliments…..and the tulips, a single colour, such a lovely shade of violet, right along the mantlepiece.

The volcano put paid to the gyp but in some ways I think that’s a good thing.   Who would have thought that a simple thing like gyp would have been flown all the way from South America – a 24 hour flight.  Surely that can’t be a great use of the world’s resources.  So I picked blossom from the trees.  Season and local – it looked lovely in the fireplace displays.

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